In 2007 started as a social and music website and continued until the end of 2013. So, in the year of our Lord 2014 came the new zoo, ZooTap Radio.
ZooTap Radio is all about supporting talent both local and worldwide. Our station promotes bands and musicians of all genres.

The ZooTap logo was designed with several things in mind. The use of symbols.

The wings are in the form of a V to represent a challis, the symbol of females. The claws are in the form of an inverted V to represent a blade, the symbol of males. The Letter Z is designed in such a way where if divided in half would be both the challis and blade joined together. THE ZOO is cast in stone font as a representation of the masons of the world. The word ZooTap is two words combined into one. The word Zoo is in representation of people of all walks of life and TAP stands for Talented Artist and Performers. The colors of the logo are inverted either as black and white or white and black, this is to represent good over evil or the opposite. As stated before about the wings and claws, the wings represent an Angel whereas the claws represent Demons. Facing the logo located on the left wing is the music note to represent music and located on the right wing is the male/female symbol to represent the joining of both sexes. Look into the logo and see if you can see more because it is designed to be a number of things with the use of your imagination

ZooTap Radio stands with and supports the United States Constitution.