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Texas-born Metalcore!

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Country: United States
State / Province: Texas


Website: http://www.facebook.com/squareonebanddfw Visits 187
About: Texas-born Metalcore!
SquareOne was formed in mid summer 2012 by Derek Miner, known locally as a gifted composer and guitar virtuoso, but for this venture set out to master the drums, Garrett Hatchtel, a highly motivated, and naturally gifted bassist, and Newton "FiG" Williams Jr, with over ten years experience playing in multiple bands and genres ranging from Celtic folk to blues to multiple sub-genres of metal, The three friends, after years of jamming together on and off in various projects decided to formally put together a working band.
After a few short weeks of breaking down each others old material and piecing it back together in new and better ways, in effect taking it all back to square one (tah dah), they felt they had enough material to work with to bring in a vocalist. Enter high school choir boy gone rogue metal-head, Caleb Tomlinson.
Pairing large vocal range with multiple harsh vocal styles, backed by intelligent lyrics both catchy as well as thoughtful, Caleb brought the final piece to the SquareOne puzzle. Or so they thought...
The quartet began gigging in early 2013, to great reviews, and quickly began pulling decent crowds despite thier being based an hour and a half to two hours from their base scene in the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metro area.
SquareOne hit the studio and put together a five song EP in March 2013 which was put up for free download on the band's Reverbnation page. The single from that EP "Blood Red Rage" quickly became a fan favorite and was placed on several online independent radio channels both in the the USA and internationally.
But something was missing, SQ1 kicked around the idea of filling in the sound by working with a key/synth player, but finally agreed on bringing in a second guitarist, Cody Pedersen. Pedersen brought something a little different to the SQ1 sound, being essentially a neo-classical guitarist in the vein of Satriani and Malmsteen, he broadened the tone, and added epic leads to the already unique metalcore sound that was being created. SquareOne became an engaging mix of mainstream hard rock riffs with progressive changes and intense melodies, topped of with crushing breakdowns that draw the listener in and keep them hooked.
And so, piece by piece, SquareOne fell together and have quickly become a major player in the DFW local scene, as well as regionally. They were voted 15th in the 13SRadio Indie Spotlight Top 100 for 2013. They have picked up multiple endorsement deals via Curt Mangan Strings, AMG Designs, and 69 Chosen Clothing. In May of 2014, after a tie breaker and much debate between the judges, received 2nd place in the Irock Entertainment/Guitar Center Battle of The Bands.
In late August of 2014, The core members decided to part ways with Pedersen, for undisclosed reasons, saying that "The talent was definitely there, we are just on two separate pages. We wish him all the best". They picked up Paden McMeans (Beneath A Dying Sun) to take over drums, freeing up Miner to take over on lead guitar.
They are now working with Solarity Studios and Producer/Engineer Russell Hollar (In Search Of Sight, Beneath A Dying Sun, Cull The Heard), completing their first full length titled "Piece By Piece" slated for release in early fall 2014. the release will feature a handful of songs from the current set list, as well as several brand new unheard tracks.
SquareOne has shared the stage with several national touring acts including Affiance, Dog Fashion Disco, The Bunny The Bear, Psychostick, Modern Day Escape, The Absence, The Mirage Theory, and From The Embrace