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About ZTR.FM

ZTR.FM also known as ZooTapRadio.FM, we are an all genre online radio station.
Based in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.
We currently have three online channels; Rock, Mixed Hits and Metal broadcasting local music from around the world - Uncaged!
Bringing what is Underground Above Ground 24/7!
All music aired is label, band or musician submitted.
ZTR.FM is also mobile, broadcasting live on location within and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.
Tune in to new music, where you heard it first on ZooTapRadio.FM.

Welcome Zoo Crew

Join the club and become a Zoo Crew Member. It is absolutely FREE!!

By becoming a Zoo Crew Member you will be eligible to win prizes from our radio station, on location events, venues, receive discounts and special offers from businesses listed in the Zoo Crew business directory.

Every Zoo Crew card is individually numbered, so you will be the sole holder of your card. Fill out the form below and receive your Zoo Crew card today.

What Is A Zoo Crew Card?

How the Zoo Crew Card Works

Unlike many other discount or membership cards where you have to buy the card to receive a discount, that does not happen with the Zoo Crew card. It is absolutely free!! Free to sign up and free to use. Also it never expires.

When you sign up and receive your Zoo Crew card, you become a member of the Zoo Crew. This entitles you as a Zoo Crew card holder to receive discounts and special offers from participating businesses. All you have to do is present your Zoo Crew card at the location when checking out.

There Is More

But wait!! That’s not all! Also as a Zoo Crew card holder you will be eligible to win prizes from our radio station, on-location events and become a selected VIP at live ZooTapRadio venues, receive discounts on promotional items, ticket discounts and much more.

Fill out the easy Zoo Crew Card Form with your basic information and be part of the Zoo Crew. If we are on-location when you fill out the form, your card will be given to you at that time. If you are filling out the form from the web site, we will mail it to you.

What Is This?

Located on the back of your Zoo Crew card is a dynamic qr code. Be sure to scan this qr code often. By using a dynamic qr code will enable us to keep you informed on special events, winners from our drawings, sales and discounts from businesses and much more.

Your Zoo Crew Card

Each Zoo Crew Card is sequentially numbered. When you sign up and become a Zoo Crew Member, your card will have a unique number assigned just for you! Most importantly, it is Free!

Zoo Crew Business Directory

You can visit our Zoo Crew Business Directory and see where you can use your Zoo Crew Card to get discounts from local businesses.

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