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Internet radio is cost effective when compared to other forms of advertising and it has the ability to reach thousands of people simultaneously, making it one of the most economical methods of advertising.

Internet radio is highly accessible and truly a portable medium, it can be heard anywhere: at home, at work, in the car and is therefore highly intrusive!

Listening to internet radio, in most cases, is free as this makes listeners more amenable, more willing to consume and therefore more receptive to your message.

Repetition for emphasis - Radio can provide a high repetition of advertising messages, giving huge exposure to your chosen target audience.

Lower ad-avoidance - Newspapers and magazines have to be bought and advertisements are easily avoided. Radio attracts 75% less ad-avoidance than newspapers, and is far less susceptible to channel hopping than TV.

Increased Engagement - Since many Internet radio listeners use computers, smart phones and tablets, they are more likely to visit a website or social media page while streaming. This benefits businesses looking to drive traffic to their websites or blogs.

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